Think of it as a murder-filled crossword puzzle without the squares. This is DEADLY ALLUSIONS, a collection of short, knowledge-based mysteries that are as funny as they are informative.



They're fun. They're educational. They have dead bodies in them. Enjoy!

Dead men tell no tales—or do they? When you steep yourself in these trivia-themed minute mysteries, you become the sleuth, and you don’t even need to share room and board with Doctor Watson.

The object of the game is to pick up on the particular reference in the story and apply it to one of the suspects. Topics include history, literature, art, music, sports, movies, food, drink and word origins. Each whodunit features a hint (for those times when your sidekick has let you down) and an explanation of the solution.

DEADLY ALLUSIONS is available on Kindle from MysteryCaper Press.

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Dover Books publishes a paperback edition of DEADLY ALLUSIONS under the title Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

DEADLY ALLUSIONS also makes an appearance in the Fleeting Memory game.


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"A fun way to wile away an afternoon by yourself or have a great evening with friends trying to solve these delectable mysteries."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"The scenarios in this book are interesting, well written and at times can be tough to solve."

–Review the Book


"Just right for someone who wants to pick up a book and jump in and out of worlds created to tease your brain. [Rated] five out of five magic books."

–Literary Magic


"Highly recommend it."

–Lunch Network


"This book is downright brilliant ... a breeze to read but provides hours of entertainment."

–Sammy the Bookworm


"As a fan of riddles and puzzles that make the old grey matter start working, I loved this."

–The Portable Gamer


"A fantastic game for friends and family and is definitely recommended!"



"The Allusions are immensely enjoyable to read, whether I can solve them or not."



"An awesome job."



"The game does challenge one's sense of historical and pop culture knowledge, and the most enjoyable aspect is the witty dialogue between the two characters that find the body."

–The Examiner

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