Warren Kingsley might not know much about keeping his clients safe, but no assassin can match his skills sautéing a pan of celery. This is DOUBLE COVER, the twice-as-thrilling prequel to Five Star Detour.



The Carefully Guarded Recipe to Murder

Corporate tycoon Thomas Redding is dead, fatally bonked by an antique golf club at his own company retreat. His bodyguard, Warren Kingsley, is certain the killer is gunning for him now. With a list of suspects as long as a corporate tax return, and a small town sheriff well over his head in the investigation, Warren knows he has only one option to keep from ending up like his late client: hire his own bodyguard.

Together, the formidable pair will sift through the evidence, dodging femme fatales, murderous impostors and motivational speakers—not to mention stumbling on the secret for the perfect bowl of chowder.

DOUBLE COVER is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle.

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"A book that will have readers laughing out loud and smiling throughout the entire story."

–Socrates' Book Reviews


"The author has a real talent for bringing his characters to life. The dialogue is snappy, clever, and there's at least one laugh per page."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"Bertie Wooster fans will appreciate Warren Kingsley, the inept star of this comic mystery, which will have readers chuckling."

–Publishers Weekly

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