When a retired private investigator agrees to compete on an exciting new game show called Deadly Allusions, he doesn't realize just how deadly it can get. This is FLEETING MEMORY, the unforgettable first novel in the Enescu Fleet series.



The Answer Lies with Keats …

With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?) All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy's name. Or anybody's name. Including his own …

From here, our hero is hurtled along a path of self-discovery. With the help of Enescu Fleet, retired PI, he will delve into an exciting new game show where trivia and murder compete for top billing. Along the way, he will attempt to figure out the dead man's clue—and quite possibly nab a murderer who is too smart for his own good.

FLEETING MEMORY is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle.

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"An utterly winning, deceptively smart collection of mishaps, plot twists and grinning one-liners."

–Kirkus Reviews
(named to the Best of 2011)


"I enjoyed every minute I spent reading Fleeting Memory."

–Readers' Favorite
(Finalist, 2014 Book Awards)


"Definitely recommend this book to any mystery fans that like their reading light and fun!"

–Literary R&R


"Sherban Young is a fresh new voice on the scene."

–Fiction Books


"A zany, fun and amusing read."



"This is one funny book."

–Carabosse's Library


"If you have ever enjoyed anything written by Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then this is definitely the book for you."

–Baffled Books


"The author's narrative style is full of humor."

–The Reading Panda


"If you are looking for a light-hearted, funny, quick paced delightful read—well, I just found you your next book!"

–Ceinwenn's Book Ramblings


"I recommend Fleeting Memory to readers who prefer lighter mysteries since there is a great deal of humor in this novel."

–Luxury Reading


"The book draws you in with the first sentence."

–Book Lust Journal


"While reading I found myself chuckling at many of the comments or situations the characters found themselves in."

–A Novel Review


"I loved the main characters in this mystery and want to spend more time with them."

–Suko's Notebook


"I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others looking for something refreshing and new in a mystery."

–A Date with a Book


"The best part by far is the mystery. It was top notch."

–Sammy the Bookworm


"A quick read that involved a fascinating mystery and a lot of chuckles."

–The Novel Lady

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