Enescu Fleet has faced some grueling challenges in the past, but never one as dicey as this. See if he and his friends can escape a deliciously homicidal restaurant gala. This is FLEETING PROMISE, the detective's most heated case to date.



Cooking Up the Chaos

The world is changing for John Hathaway, newlywed and occasional PI. He has a wife who is pushing to start a family, a best friend who is keeping a secret from him and a mentor who may soon be dropping the prefix on his semiretirement. Even the number of Maltese dogs in his life has doubled.

Fortunately for Hath, some things never change. Invited to a restaurant opening, he immediately lands in the midst of another zesty murder. Apparently, he's not the only one with a taste for the past. An old foe has emerged, and everyone will need to watch their backs.

FLEETING PROMISE is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle.

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"Delivers a strong and provocative English manor-style mystery set in the depths of the Maine woods."

–Readers' Favorite


"Another delectable entry in a brilliant series."

–Kirkus Reviews


"I highly recommend Fleeting Promise, and all of Mr. Young's work to anyone that appreciates intelligent, sportive mystery stories."

–Literary R&R


"Readers who like their murders infused with dry humor will find much to enjoy."

–Publishers Weekly

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