Warren Kingsley is back, ready to apply his many talents as a political animal. This is DOUBLE TALK, the compelling sequel to Five Star Detour and Double Cover.



And Why Not?

Warren Kingsley has retired from bodyguarding. (Or maybe he hasn't.) Leaving his violent past behind—or not—he enters the dog-eat-dog world of politics. (Or perhaps he doesn't.) One thing we can say for certain: the Warren we know and love is back and ready for anything. (Or as ready as he'll ever be.)

DOUBLE TALK is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle.

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Praise for DOUBLE TALK

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"Young continues to gift fans with fantastic mysteries that make you laugh out loud."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"If this entry isn't quite as funny as its predecessor, genre readers in the mood for silliness and the occasional out-loud laugh will still be rewarded."

–Publishers Weekly

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