A mysterious woman with no memory. A cranky corpse who won't stay dead. And YOU, the key figure in a swirl of quirky characters, forgotten identities and cunning puzzles. This is FLEETING MEMORY, a comical take on the classic point-and-click adventure.

Who Are You and What Have You Done with Who I Am?

A beautiful though slightly disheveled young woman knocks at the door. She's lost, she's soaked in rain … and she has no idea WHO SHE IS. Sounds like a job for the dashing householder staring back at her. YOU. If only you could help. Tell her where she is, what her name is, anything … But you don't know what her name is. You don't know what anybody's name is. Including YOUR OWN …

From this sudden realization (sudden lack of realization?), you are hurtled along a path of uncertainty. With the help (hindrance?) of Enescu Fleet, retired PI, you will delve into the Wolf Valley, a rustic resort where fun and games soon become indistinguishable from a baffling murder—a baffling murder nobody seems to know about but you. And you don't know anything!

Your MysteryCaper awaits …


• gobs of gorgeous hand-drawn art
• a compelling musical score
• a plethora of puzzles and riddles
• hilarious character interactions
• hundreds of witty in-game comments
• a strange little dog
• an astonishingly useful mop
• several birds
• a mind-bending storyline
• AND Enescu Fleet, the world's greatest, semiretired detective

Give him a run for his money today!

FLEETING MEMORY is availble on the iPad.


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