Double Cover - The Game!

The iOS edition of DOUBLE COVER, the game, is now available on the App Store.

Like FLEETING MEMORY, this is a first-person point-and-click(tap) version of the novel. Comedy, adventure and mystery, with you calling the shots. Solve another intriguing murder, while enjoying delightful hand-drawn graphics and a chipper musical score. There are roughly fifty screens to explore, full of puzzles, riddles, comic dialogue and wacky comments.

This is our first game available on iPhones as well as iPads. For those of you who need a good MysteryCaper anywhere and everywhere, we got you covered.

DOUBLE COVER on the App store

(An Amazon Fire version is planned for later this summer.)

As always, we have more detailed HELP for players just getting started and HINTS for those tougher sections.


Fleeting Journey - Free Game!

The iPad edition of FLEETING JOURNEY is now available on the App Store. It's a quick little prequel episode to FLEETING MEMORY. It might not be as long as MEMORY, but don't worry, it's still packed with comedy and intrigue.

And it's completely free! No ads, no in-app purchases, just free.

Not only that, but in this installment you get to play The Man himself, Enescu Fleet. Solve riddles and puzzles, pick up items and clues, and converse with suspects, all in the role of the world's greatest, semiretired private detective.

Give it a try today. And if you enjoy it, consider giving FLEETING MEMORY a shot too. You can learn more about both of them on our Games tab.

FLEETING MEMORY on the App Store

Need help getting started?

Detailed HELP on how to play
Our HINTS engine


Fleeting Memory - The Game!

The iPad edition of FLEETING MEMORY is now available on the App Store. It's all the fun and comedy of the novel in an update on a classic point-and-click adventure game.

There are over eighty screens to explore, nearly a hundred items to collect, lots of amusing conversations to have, tons of puzzles to solve and many, many mysteries to unravel. Everything is beautifully hand drawn and set to a stirring musical score. If you've ever wanted to explore a fully interactive MysteryCaper world, now's your chance.

Click here for a link to the App Store.
Click here for detailed HELP on how to play.
And click here for our HINTS engine.


MysteryCaper wallpaper

Like free wallpaper? Does your desktop need brightening or your tablet long for something cheerful and amusing?

Then you've come to the right place. Download one of our MysteryCaper crowd scenes today. Both wallpapers feature over two hundred characters, just like you can find in our gallery, but now you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime!

The files are available in two aspects and a total of four sizes.

16x9 5K (4.8 MB)
16x9 4K (3.7 MB)
4x3 2048 (2.2 MB)
4x3 1536 (1.5 MB)

Have fun!

Join the crowd

We're excited to announce a new addition to our website.  Actually, better make that two hundred new additions.

MysteryCaper now features a comprehensive character gallery.  That's right, every character from every book, brilliantly depicted for your viewing pleasure.

Click a character and receive a pithy quote alongside the work(s) in which they appear (click the title to read a sample).

Scroll through and enjoy!

Kirkus review

Kirkus Reviews has posted a very nice review of Fleeting Promise.

Check out the full text here.

2015 Readers' Favorite Book Awards

Enescu Fleet is never one to brag, so I'll do it for him.

I'm thrilled to announce that THREE Fleet books placed in this year's Readers' Favorite Book Awards.  Fleeting Chance was named a Finalist, Fleeting Note received Honorable Mention and Fleeting Glance won GOLD.

Click here to check out all the winners.

Reader Views Book Award

Pleased to announce that Fleeting Chance has received Honorable Mention in the Reader Views 2014/2015 Reviewers Choice Awards.

You can check out a list of all the winners here.

Reader Views

Reader Views has posted a very nice review of Fleeting Chance.

The review was written by Michel Violante and can be read here.

"Young did a great job balancing suspense, action, and even humor throughout the story."