Which one should you read first?

I get asked it all the time—well, maybe twice—which book in the Detour cycle (Five Star DetourDouble Cover and Fleeting Memory) should you read first?

It's a very good question (both times), and it depends which series you're talking about.  Ideally, for the Enescu Fleet series, you should read Fleeting Memory before you read Five Star Detour.  Even though Memory takes place after Detour, it's better to go in that order. (You'll see why after you read them.)

For the Warren Kingsley books (Double Cover and Five Star Detour), you can go in any order, but I would probably start with Detour.  In time sequence, Cover comes before Detour, but Cover is also a prequel, and that means it should be read after the first book (Detour), or it wouldn't be a prequel; it would just be a regular book and the first book (still Detour) would be a sequel.  If you follow?

Of course, there's also the puzzle book Deadly Allusions (Dead Men Do Tell Tales), which might help hone one's skills for the puzzles in the Fleet series.

Clear?  No?  Well, maybe it would be good to read all my books in every possible sequence, then.  Yeah, that works.