Fleeting Memory


"An utterly winning, deceptively smart collection of mishaps, plot twists and grinning one-liners."

–Kirkus Reviews
(named to the Best of 2011)


"I enjoyed every minute I spent reading Fleeting Memory."

–Readers' Favorite
(Finalist, 2014 Book Awards)


"Definitely recommend this book to any mystery fans that like their reading light and fun!"

–Literary R&R


"Sherban Young is a fresh new voice on the scene."

–Fiction Books


"A zany, fun and amusing read."



"This is one funny book."

–Carabosse's Library


"If you have ever enjoyed anything written by Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then this is definitely the book for you."

–Baffled Books


"The author's narrative style is full of humor."

–The Reading Panda


"If you are looking for a light-hearted, funny, quick paced delightful read—well, I just found you your next book!"

–Ceinwenn's Book Ramblings


"I recommend Fleeting Memory to readers who prefer lighter mysteries since there is a great deal of humor in this novel."

–Luxury Reading


"The book draws you in with the first sentence."

–Book Lust Journal


"While reading I found myself chuckling at many of the comments or situations the characters found themselves in."

–A Novel Review


"I loved the main characters in this mystery and want to spend more time with them."

–Suko's Notebook


"I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others looking for something refreshing and new in a mystery."

–A Date with a Book


"The best part by far is the mystery.  It was top notch."

–Sammy the Bookworm


"A quick read that involved a fascinating mystery and a lot of chuckles."

–The Novel Lady

Fleeting Glance


"A smart, laugh-out-loud murder-mystery romp."

–Kirkus Reviews
(starred review; named one of the Best Books of 2013)


"A satisfying and monumentally enjoyable mystery story, and it's most highly recommended."

–Readers' Favorite
(Gold Winner, 2015 Book Awards)


"Another 5 star book as far as I'm concerned."

–Literary R&R


"I like how Mr. Young builds suspense throughout the story, and his use of humor helps to keep me interested right to the end."

–Book Lust Journal


"A fun-filled book that will keep you hooked and guessing until the end."

–Luxury Reading


"It is a book you won't want to put down until it's all done, then you'll wish you hadn't finished it yet!"

–Dreams on Papyrus


"A complex and skilled technique of writing which undoubtedly rivals its more serious counterparts."

–Fiction Books

Fleeting Note


"As with the other books in this series, I found myself chuckling out loud from time to time and had to look around to see if anyone noticed."

–Readers' Favorite
(Honorable Mention, 2015 Book Awards)


"I recommend Sherban Young's mystery caper series to readers who haven't yet tried the genre, are looking for unique and fresh story lines, or who love to laugh out loud…"

–Luxury Reading


"This series may be one of my all-time favorites… I have never read a mystery as engaging and inherently funny."

–Literary R&R


"Young has done it again with his unique blend of lighthearted mystery and quick-witted characters."

–Kirkus Reviews

Fleeting Chance


"Young did a great job balancing suspense, action, and even humor throughout the story."

–Reader Views
(Honorable Mention, 2014/2015 Reviewers Choice Awards)


"A sly and classy homage to Agatha Christie, and Sherban Young pulls it off brilliantly."

–Readers' Favorite
(Finalist, 2015 Book Awards)


"A series that seemingly couldn't get any better goes a little deeper; with Young at the helm, readers can't lose."

–Kirkus Reviews


"This is not your typical mystery series.  This is a series of stories about eccentric, likable characters that happens to have a mystery contained inside."

–Literary R&R


"Young has crafted a witty and entertaining mystery within the pages of Fleeting Chance."

–Luxury Reading


"Young's fourth Enescu Fleet mystery (after 2013's Fleeting Note) is a nice blend of humor and detection, with a clever resolution that may surprise even veteran whodunit readers."

–Publishers Weekly

Fleeting Promise


"Delivers a strong and provocative English manor-style mystery set in the depths of the Maine woods."

–Readers' Favorite


"Another delectable entry in a brilliant series."

–Kirkus Reviews


"I highly recommend Fleeting Promise, and all of Mr. Young's work to anyone that appreciates intelligent, sportive mystery stories."

–Literary R&R


"Readers who like their murders infused with dry humor will find much to enjoy."

–Publishers Weekly

Double Cover


"A book that will have readers laughing out loud and smiling throughout the entire story."

–Socrates' Book Reviews


"The author has a real talent for bringing his characters to life... The dialogue is snappy, clever, and there's at least one laugh per page."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"Bertie Wooster fans will appreciate Warren Kingsley, the inept star of this comic mystery, which will have readers chuckling."

–Publishers Weekly

Double Talk


"Young continues to gift fans with fantastic mysteries that make you laugh out loud."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"If this entry isn’t quite as funny as its predecessor, genre readers in the mood for silliness and the occasional out-loud laugh will still be rewarded."

–Publishers Weekly

Five Star Detour


"An amiable romp… Girls, weekend, assassins, police, girls.  Peter Sellers would've been perfect for the part."

–Baltimore Sun


"Readers can expect plenty of misunderstandings, misnomers, and misses that lead to some very entertaining slapstick.  Humorous.  Unforgettable.  You'll love it."


Opportunity Slips


"If you are looking for a fresh voice in humorous, cozy, caper-like mysteries, you can't go wrong with Sherban Young."



"A fun, light-hearted read."

–The Reading Panda

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

(Dover Books)


"A fun way to wile away an afternoon by yourself or have a great evening with friends trying to solve these delectable mysteries."

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"The scenarios in this book are interesting, well written and at times can be tough to solve."

–Review the Book


"Just right for someone who wants to pick up a book and jump in and out of worlds created to tease your brain.  Five out of five magic books."

–Literary Magic


"Highly recommend it."

–Lunch Network


"This book is downright brilliant ... a breeze to read but provides hours of entertainment."

–Sammy the Bookworm

Deadly Allusions

(reviews of the iPhone apps)


"As a fan of riddles and puzzles that make the old grey matter start working, I loved this."

–The Portable Gamer


"A fantastic game for friends and family and is definitely recommended!"



"The Allusions are immensely enjoyable to read, whether I can solve them or not."



"An awesome job."



"The game does challenge one's sense of historical and pop culture knowledge, and the most enjoyable aspect is the witty dialogue between the two characters that find the body."

–The Examiner