The Fleet Team

Enescu Fleet, private investigator and star of the award-winning Fleeting books, spends his semiretirement years tackling murder mysteries more refined than the typical whodunit. Every Fleet story highlights a specialized theme and follows a series of clues in that theme. You might discover a reference to an Elizabethan sonnet, a nineteenth-century master painter or Schubert lieder. Perhaps an esoteric detail about the origins of Texas Hold'em or the naming conventions in European geography will play a part. Pick up one of Fleet's adventures and see if you can figure out the puzzle before he and his friends do.

Did you know? Sometimes Enescu Fleet gets baffled. At those times, he calls on an expert for assistance—such as legendary artist Thomas McKnight (Fleeting Glance) or world-renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine (Fleeting Note). Fleet has been everywhere and met everybody.

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The Fleet List

Fleeting Memory
Fleeting Glance
Fleeting Note
Fleeting Chance
Fleeting Promise

"Fleet Movements"
"Fleet Timing"