The Kingsley Duo

Some clients would consider Warren Kingsley the best bodyguard in the world.

Or they would, if they had lived to tell the tale. He has all the qualifications a personal security expert should have: strength, agility and a capacity for bravery (when absolutely necessary). He certainly looks the part. But Warren has other aims. When not falling for a pretty face, he is a gifted poet, an exceptional chef and, on those really slow days, an aspiring politician. (Yes, it has come to that.) With the help of his own bodyguard, the highly skilled Mahrute, he can solve most any mystery that comes his way, the more inexplicable the better—Warren has a flair for the inexplicable.

And, occasionally, he manages to have a surviving customer. (Although you probably shouldn't count on it.)

The Kingsley List

Five Star Detour
Double Cover
Double Talk

"The Cacciatore Conundrum"
"The Riverside Rejoinder"
"The Sedan Stratagem"