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We have two divisions here at MysteryCaper—MysteryCaper Press and MysteryCaper Productions. The Press side handles our books: witty novels and short fiction, with the occasional puzzle or riddle weaved right into the story. Productions is our gaming side: humorous mystery adventures for players who enjoy stunning art, subtly crafted storylines and lots of quirky comments and dialogue.

Whether you like a little interactivity with your storytelling or a little story in your gameplay, we have something for anyone who likes a pleasant diversion.

MysteryCaper Press and MysteryCaper Productions: it's COMEDY SOLVED.

What Exactly Is a MysteryCaper?

A MysteryCaper contains humor, adventure and intrigue. The mystery in a MysteryCaper might center around a puzzle or brainteaser. It could feature a heist, or even a friendly corpse or two, but never anything gritty—that's not how MysteryCapers roll.

Expect to find a lighthearted romp, a brief escape. But no harsh reality. A little cozy, a little crazy and always, we hope, a lot of fun.

The Fleet Team

Enescu Fleet, private investigator and star of the award-winning Fleeting series, spends his semiretirement years tackling murder mysteries more refined than the typical whodunit. Every Fleet story highlights a specialized theme and follows a series of clues in that theme. You might discover a reference to an Elizabethan sonnet, a nineteenth-century master painter or Schubert lieder. Perhaps an esoteric detail about the origins of Texas Hold'em or the naming conventions in European geography will play a part. Pick up one of Fleet's adventures and see if you can figure out the puzzle before he and his friends do.

Did you know? Sometimes Enescu Fleet gets baffled. At those times, he calls on an expert for assistance—such as legendary artist Thomas McKnight (Fleeting Glance) or world-renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine (Fleeting Note). Fleet has been everywhere and met everybody.

Catch up with him today.

The Fleet List

Fleeting Memory
Fleeting Glance
Fleeting Note
Fleeting Chance
Fleeting Promise

"Fleet Movements"
"Fleet Timing"


The Kingsley Duo

Some clients would consider Warren Kingsley the best bodyguard in the world.

Or they would, if they had lived to tell the tale. He has all the qualifications a personal security expert should have: strength, agility and a capacity for bravery (when absolutely necessary). He certainly looks the part. But Warren has other aims. When not falling for a pretty face, he is a gifted poet, an exceptional chef and, on those really slow days, an aspiring politician. (Yes, it has come to that.) With the help of his own bodyguard, the highly skilled Mahrute, he can solve most any mystery that comes his way, the more inexplicable the better—Warren has a flair for the inexplicable.

And, occasionally, he manages to have a surviving customer. (Although you probably shouldn't count on it.)

The Kingsley List

Five Star Detour
Double Cover
Double Talk

"The Cacciatore Conundrum"
"The Riverside Rejoinder"
"The Sedan Stratagem"


Sherban Young

Sherban (rhymes with "bourbon") has often been called the next P. G. Wodehouse, or at the very least the current Sherban Young. He is the author of numerous witty mystery novels, several short stories and a game or three.

In his free time, Sherban is an avid tournament poker player, an avid cash game poker player and would be an avid good-deal-many-other-things if he didn't spend so much of his time avidly playing poker.

Katerina Vamvasaki

Katerina wanted to be an archaeologist, or wildlife photographer, or maybe explorer—then reasoned that as an illustrator you can still have fun while getting mauled by tigers a lot less. Having played her share of adventure games (and read much more than her share of books), she's now enjoying the other side, illustrating and co-designing them.

In her free time, she likes taking failed pictures of wildlife on her walks and painstakingly learning languages she has little intention of speaking.

What's New?

We don't update a lot, but we do update. Click HERE for information on new books and games from MysteryCaper.