A mysterious woman with no memory. A cranky corpse who won't stay dead. And YOU, the key figure in a swirl of quirky characters, forgotten identities and cunning puzzles. This is FLEETING MEMORY, a comical take on the classic point-and-click adventure …

Who Are You And What Have You Done With Who I Am?

A beautiful though slightly disheveled young woman knocks at the door. She's lost, she's soaked in rain … and she has no idea WHO SHE IS. Sounds like a job for the dashing householder staring back at her. YOU. If only you could help. Tell her where she is, what her name is, anything … But you don't know what her name is. You don't know what anybody's name is. Including YOUR OWN …

From this sudden realization (sudden lack of realization?), you are hurtled along a path of uncertainty. With the help (hindrance?) of Enescu Fleet, retired PI, you will delve into the Wolf Valley, a rustic resort where fun and games soon become indistinguishable from a baffling murder—a baffling murder nobody seems to know about but you. And you don't know anything!

All you can do is push on. Collect clues to an unacknowledged homicide you hope you didn't commit. Solve puzzles left behind by an unknown cohort who desperately needs to tell you something. And even vanquish a few enemies along the way, some of whom appear to be geese.

As you attempt to track down your identity and your unforgettable (forgetful) visitor, you will piece together the details behind a shocking conspiracy—and you just might nab a killer who is too smart for their own good.

Your MysteryCaper awaits …


• gobs of gorgeous hand-drawn art
• a compelling musical score
• a plethora of puzzles and riddles
• hilarious character interactions
• hundreds of witty in-game comments
• a strange little dog
• an astonishingly useful mop
• several birds
• a mind-bending storyline
• AND Enescu Fleet, the world's greatest, semiretired detective

Give him a run for his money today!

Need more detailed help learning the ropes?

The Grenville Goose has VANISHED. A thief has hidden the statuette somewhere on board a luxury train, and only by cracking his clues can you track down the treasure in time. This is FLEETING JOURNEY, a stylish mystery adventure, and it's completely FREE ...

The Man Behind the (Semiretired) Legend

FLEETING JOURNEY is the prequel episode to FLEETING MEMORY. Pithy, fun and packed with detail, this point-and-click caper places you in the role of legendary private investigator Enescu Fleet—a man whose methods we can usually only admire from afar.

So hop aboard, shift the mind into overdrive and—most of all—enjoy the ride …


• stunning hand-drawn art
• a sprightly musical score
• puzzles, riddles and other dynamic brainteasers
• funny and insightful character interactions
• tons of debonair in-game comments
• a fluffy little dog who appreciates the occasional catnap
• a grumpy mayor
• a surprisingly valuable bird
• snazzy train decor
• AND Enescu Fleet, the world's greatest, semiretired detective

Step into his shoes today!

The Mystery Doesn't Have to End ...