The Grenville Goose has VANISHED. A thief has hidden the statuette somewhere on board a luxury train, and only by cracking his clues can you track down the treasure in time. This is FLEETING JOURNEY, a stylish mystery adventure, and it's completely FREE.

The Man Behind the (Semiretired) Legend

FLEETING JOURNEY is the prequel episode to Fleeting Memory. Pithy, fun and packed with detail, this point-and-click caper places you in the role of legendary private investigator Enescu Fleet—a man whose methods we can usually only admire from afar.

So hop aboard, shift the mind into overdrive and—most of all—enjoy the ride.


• stunning hand-drawn art
• a sprightly musical score
• puzzles, riddles and other dynamic brainteasers
• funny and insightful character interactions
• tons of debonair in-game comments
• a fluffy little dog who appreciates the occasional catnap
• a grumpy mayor
• a surprisingly valuable bird
• snazzy train decor
• AND Enescu Fleet, the world's greatest, semiretired detective

Step into his shoes today!

FLEETING JOURNEY is available FREE on the iPad.


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