Feathered Quill review

I want to send out a huge thank you to Ellen Feld at Feathered Quill Book Reviews for her review of Double Cover.

"The author has a real talent for bringing his characters to life... The dialogue is snappy, clever, and there’s at least one laugh per page."

Read the whole review here.

Readers' Favorite review - continued

Readers' Favorite has finished their review of the Enescu Fleets.

The most recent review, for Fleeting Chance, is posted here.

"[A] sly and classy homage to Agatha Christie, and Sherban Young pulls it off brilliantly."

All four books received five stars, which is fantastic.  I want to send out many thanks to the reviewer, Jack Magnus, and Readers' Favorite for all the wonderful reviews.

Readers' Favorite review

I want to give another thank you to Jack Magnus at Readers' Favorite, this time for his review of Fleeting Note.  Here's a quote from it:

"As with the other books in this series, I found myself chuckling out loud from time to time and had to look around to see if anyone noticed."

Thanks again for the kind words.  Click here for the full review.

Literary R&R review

I want to thank Charlene at Literary R&R for a delightful review of Fleeting Chance.

"This is not your typical mystery series. This is a series of stories about eccentric, likable characters that happens to have a mystery contained inside."

You can read the full review here.

Readers' Favorite review

Readers' Favorite has posted a really nice review of Fleeting Glance.

The reviewer, Jack Magnus, gave the second Fleet novel five stars, saying:

"Fleeting Glance is a satisfying and monumentally enjoyable mystery story, and it's most highly recommended."

You can read the full review here.

Kirkus review

The first review of Fleeting Chance has come in, this one from Kirkus Reviews.  Here's what they had to say:

"A series that seemingly couldn’t get any better goes a little deeper; with Young at the helm, readers can’t lose."

Check out the full review here.

New book

The next book in the Enescu Fleet series, Fleeting Chance, is now available.  This one has a poker/naval theme and is full to the Plimsoll line with puzzles.  See how many you can solve before Fleet.  Enjoy!

Very nice review

I want to thank Fiction Books for the great review of Fleeting Glance.

Besides discussing the book, Yvonne also gives some well deserved kudos to my cover artist, Katerina Vamvasaki.  Thanks, Yvonne!

This is my second review from Fiction Books - Fleeting Memory was reviewed here - and one of the things I love the most about the blog is how thorough Yvonne is with her reviews.  She frequently spreads out her thoughts over several posts, and she is excellent at following up on her visitors' posted comments.  It makes for some great discussions and a real sense of involvement for her readers.



Great review

I want to take a moment to thank Sammy the Bookworm for her wonderful review of Dead Men Do Tell Tales.  Thanks!  You can read the review here.

Price updates

Just to let everyone know, MysteryCaper Press is having a sale.  For a limited time, the quality paperback of Fleeting Note is only $9.95 ($2.99 for the e-book).  Enjoy!

Special thanks

Now that Fleeting Note has been out a few weeks, I wanted to take a moment to thank acclaimed violinist Rachel Barton Pine once again for her guest appearance in the latest Fleet novel.  Not only did she take time out of her busy schedule to meet—and until you have seen Rachel's tour schedule you don't know what busy is!—she has been wonderfully supportive of the book from the start.  Thank you!  (And Fleet thanks you as well.  He couldn't have solved it without you!)


Wonderful review

I don't think I adequately expressed my appreciation for the thoughtful and enthusiastic review Literary R&R posted of Fleeting Note last month.  Thank you, Charlene!  Your kind words meant a lot.