Five Star Detour

A stolen artifact complicates a freelance courier's weekend. This is FIVE STAR DETOUR, the MysteryCaper that started it all.



Two Series Converge in One Five-Star Adventure

Freelance courier John Hathaway just wanted a weekend away: two days of wine, women and high stakes poker. Instead, he finds himself diverted to an English-style mansion in the backwoods of Maine—compelled to transport a priceless trinket at the bidding of his overbearing uncle. Once arrived, he quickly finds that half the residents are not who they say they are, and all of them want his package. It's up to Hathaway to sort through the confusion, dodging cops, jewel thieves and his own bodyguard. In the process, he will meet the woman of his dreams and manage to deliver just the right amount of chaos into his host's otherwise humdrum life.

FIVE STAR DETOUR is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle.

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"An amiable romp … Girls, weekend, assassins, police, girls. Peter Sellers would've been perfect for the part."

–Baltimore Sun


"Readers can expect plenty of misunderstandings, misnomers, and misses that lead to some very entertaining slapstick. Humorous. Unforgettable. You'll love it."


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